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Monday, December 26, 2011

Counting Down

It is officially two weeks until we leave and three weeks until I check in! Looking back it is kind of crazy how it all started.

It all began when I was walking up to the bus stop on campus one day. There was a girl wearing Mickey ears standing there. She thought they looked ridiculous, but I didn't find anything strange at all! After talking for a while I found out she did the Disney College Program. I had always told myself I would apply for it, but kept putting it off.

After class, I went and applied online for Spring 2012. I was then asked to complete the web based interview. The email invite suggested that I do it in a quiet area and allow a lot of time for it. Since I hadbfive days to get it done I waited until the weekend to do it. Instantly following the web interview they asked me to continue on to the phone interview.

I scheduled the interview for the following Monday morning. I decided morning was best since they ask you to allow fifteen minutes before and after your interview time. I was reading all kinds of tips and possible questions anywhere I could find them online! It helped me a little bit, but I was still nervous. That morning I woke up and got. Dressed as if I was going to an interview. I wrote down my answers to questions like, what does Disney mean to me, why do I was to do the college program, what would I do if a customer asked for an item I don't have in my store. The interview went well and she asked pretty much what I planned for. I made sure to k a question and smile the whole time. Afterwards she said it would be about three to four weeks before I knew.

Five. Days later I got the email that I was accepted to work in Merchandise for Spring 2012! I was so excited and felt so many emotions. Now over a month later, it still hasn't hit me that I will be working in Disney world for four months! I have signed up for my classes, but I still have so much packing and paperwork to do!

See ya real soon!