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Thursday, March 1, 2012

One More Disney Day (Leap Day)

My roommate and I thought we were going to make it for the opening of Magic Kingdom at 6 am on February 29,2012, but we slept instead!  So I woke up at 8 am and headed to Animal Kingdom.  I went on a backstage safari with my coworkers.  We got to learn all about how the trucks work and Cast Members only knowledge of the ride.  I had so much fun hanging out with them that I decided to stay in the park with them after the safari.  We all rode Everest and made faces during the picture.  After we got off Adam found someone he knew and got us all day fast passes to ride again!  We all rode Dinosaur, which I finally made it through!  Then we rode Everest again before trying to see the Festival of the Lion King.  Instead we saw characters at Camp Minnie Mickey before eating at Pizzafari.  

Next we headed to MK for One More Disney Day.  We parked at Wilderness Lodge and rode the boat over, which was pretty cool.  We got cards for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom then walked around aimlessly.  The park was crowded at this point.  We fast passed Splash Mountain and headed towards the Jungle Cruise.  The line was too long so we rode Carousel of Progress instead.  On the way we stopped to watch the show in front of the castle!  My coworkers and I chanted "dreams come true" and helped Mickey save MK!  

Then Courtney showed up to ride Splash Mountain with us!  After Splash we got our shirts that say, "I took the leap and didn't sleep  I pulled an all nighter at the Magic Kingdom Park!"  We rode Haunted Mansion and got scared by the last cast member we saw right before the ride started.  Next we ate dinner while watching The Magic The Memories and You.  During Wishes we rode Space Mountain three times, each time making a different face.  Next, we made it to Winnie the Pooh, Snow White's Scary ride, and Haunted Mansion again.  By the time we made it to the Hall of Presidents I was getting delirious and everything was funny.  Courtney and I have several jokes from last night.  We saw the light parade and danced in front of the castle with Daisy Duck at the dance party that lasted four hours.  We tried to see Rapunzel, but a very rude cast member informed us that we were not going to see her.  He said," pfft, you're not going to get in this line, this is it!"  We were confused and asked if he meant for the evening the line was closed, he rudely said yes and turned his back on us.  It took us a while to recover after that, but we knew just the fix!  We went to the front of the park to see if we could find Minnie and Mickey in their pj's!  We found very nice cast  members that were helpful!  We decided to see the princesses first.  When we saw cinderella she was very sweet!  We took a nice pic with her then told her we were going to look silly for the next one.  She got excited and asked if she could do it too! We told her we were going to take an awkward family photo and she asked how to do that.  After showing her we took our awkward photo and had the photographer laughing.  After Cinderella's pictures she suggested we take an awkward photo with sleeping beauty actually sleeping!  We agreed that sounded good so Sleeping Beauty laid on the ground and asked us to join her!  We laid down and all pretended to sleep.  It definitely raised our spirits!  

Next, we got in line for Mickey and Minnie.  After waiting 90 minutes to see them, we got to see their adorable pj's!  We wanted to take an awkward photo with them as well, but they were trying to move the line along.  I showed Minnie that I had her on my shirt and she got excited!  Then she pointed out my tiara and bowed.  We took our picture and decided 4 am was a good time to go home!  We got home around 430 and went straight to bed!  

One More Disney Day was a great idea!  I had fun spending the entire day and meeting other people who stayed for all 24 hours!  I just think that disney should use fast passes for after midnight as well.  The lines got way too long to really do anything because everyone showed up for the excitement!  I can't wait to see what they do next leap day!