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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let the magic begin!

So much has happened since my last post!  I'm not very good at consistently posting anymore, but I need to write all of this information down so I don't forget all the wonderful memories.  I'm not sure where I left off last so I'll just start from the oldest memory I remember.

On Valentine's Day I received my very first package!!  My parents sent me a wonderful stack of boxes from Harry and David's that held tons of sweets! Oh, and some pears.  I was so excited about my package that I ran to the door to get it and told everyone about it.

I had to work that night at the All Star Sports resort.  I came across some interesting people that evening.  There was an adorable old couple wearing some OLD Valentine Mickey shirts.  I commented on how much I loved them.  The couple said the shirts were older than me and that they pull them out to wear every year.  Then they said, "Alicia, we came to get some milk because you can't have cookies without milk."  I rang them up and they asked for a bag for their milk.  I told them they could only get one if they brought me some cookies!  They laughed and went on their way.  I saw them the next morning in a different pair of matching shirts and they quickly recognized me and introduced me to their daughter!  It is so nice to be able to make relationships with the guests.

There was another man who I talked to for a long time about Walt Disney restaurants.  He was telling me about some of his favorites and I suggested some of mine to him.  After a while him and his wife were ready to check out.  I rang him up and he told his wife that I was going to give them my discount.  I jokingly agreed and told him his total.  He looked at me funny and I said, "That's with the discount."  He laughed it off and paid.  I put in his receipt in the bag and said, "now when you get AAALL the way back to your room feel free to look at your receipt to see your discount."  He was a lot of fun and I enjoyed his company.

The last guest related story I have is a story about my first real magical moment.  My coworker was ringing up a guest and I was helping her.  I asked the guest how her day was going and she said, "You really don't want me to answer that question right now."   I got really concerned and asked them what happened.  It turns out that it was the family's first visit and they woke up without hot water.  It took 3 hours for them to fix it and they were late for the Magic Kingdom.  Soooo... when they returned home Tinker Bell created some magic and left them some presents.  Some pixie dust for mom, a pin for the kid, and coloring pages and crayons.  All it takes is faith trust and pixie dust!

On Thursday my roommates and I celebrated our one month anniversary as roommates!  We got anniversary buttons and spent the day at Hollywood Studios.  Courtney went on the Tower of Terror for the first time with the other two, but I stayed back.  I walked down Sunset Blvd taking pictures until I found a very inviting bench.  The next thing I know a man in a suit and top hat is setting up his card table.  He and I began chatting it up.  He found out my major, where I'm from, that I have a boyfriend of two years, and that I'm a CP.  He ended up sitting down next to me while a security guard walked up and gave him a hard time for always talking to the pretty young girls.  Jack Diamond said it doesn't matter, she has a "Bo hunk."  By this time another performer walked up and started talking about the new movie he's going to be in.

The two actors began this whole skit on magic tricks.  Jack picked me for one of the tricks.  He asked me to pick a card.  After I picked my card he said that I needed to answer every question with "No."  He asked me if I was ready.  I said no!  Then he asked if my card was red... no.  Black? I questioningly said no again. He figured out that my card was black.  He asked if it was a heart. No. Club? No. (I looked down at my card.) Spade? No. Diamond? No.  He figured out my card was a club.  He kept asking questions and I kept saying no and he figured out my card EXACTLY!  He did some tricks with all of my roommates and so we obviously had to take a picture with him!!

So much has happened on this wonderful journey!  I can't believe how much I'm learning and experiencing!  I have already made lifelong friends and I can't wait to see what the next 3 months have in store!

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