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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Practically Perfect in Every Way

There have been so many moments that I want to capture in this entry, and also explain how amazing this experience has been.

I worked in Movies one night with one of my favorite managers.  He and I joked around all night about how "nervous" I get with things.  It became a running joke all night that we laughed at for hours.  Also, that night Buzz (1 year old) and Woody (3 years old) came into our shop with their parents.  It was the CUTEST family I've ever seen.  I really enjoyed watching them.  While I was working in the front of the store for a little bit a little girl about 7 walked up to me. She said guess what, so of course I asked what.  She said I gave someone my autograph today because I'm a princes. I said yes I can tell!  She said I really did!  Then her mom told the princess to hurry up and finish shopping.

The next night I worked at Music with my homeroom leader.  It was a fun and steady night.  I had a check in with my leader part of the way through the night.  We got to sit down and tell each other about ourselves as well as discuss what we expect of each other.  At the end of it we discovered a lot of similarities between ourselves.  Also, I asked him if I could sign up for the Kilamanjaro Safari backstage tour as well as money counter.  He said both of those were very possible!!

I had the next day off so I went to mass and saw Father Paul on Ash Wednesday.  Then we went to the studios to ride Tower of Terror!  My roommates managed to get me on it not once, but twice that day!! It was so much fun and easily one of my new favorite rides!  In the evening my roommate and I went to the first College Program Alumni Speaker Series event.  We met lots of Disney professionals who work in events.  Also, in that group was the man who helped Disney put character interactions in Times Square!!  It was certainly a great experience meeting everyone and a successful first networking experience for me!!

This program has been tremendously amazing so far.  I don't want to go home and I wish everyone could just come join me in Orlando!  Disney is an amazing company that I truly hope to work for for the rest of my life.

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