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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Beginning of Training

I actually started training at All Star Resort yesterday.  Yesterday was really all about an orientation of the resort and today was starting to get into more merchandise specific stuff.  It has been really busy, but I promise I will still try my hardest to blog as much as possible. 

Yesterday's training we were with the food and beverage people, housekeeping, lifeguards, and front desk/concierge CP's.  I made a couple of friends in food and beverage and we hung out throughout the day.  We learned how to clock in then we sat down and went over an overview of the hotel.  It turns out the All Star Resort is the busiest resort on property and it is the 3rd largest resort in the world!  Then the manager of the resort came and talked to us.  He was a very nice man and I think I will enjoy working for him.  Then we took a tour of the resorts three themes, music, movies, and sports.  We learned where all the break rooms were and where our cast member areas are backstage. 

After our tour we got our beautiful costumes (uniforms.)  They are high waisted royal blue pants with a bright red top.  I must say it doesn't look good on anyone.  The pants run REALLY small, which meant that we had to get pants two to four sizes bigger!!  After our costumes we had to go over some SUPER boring safety stuff, but at least our trainers made it less painful.  Then I clocked out and arrived home about an hour and a half later, I think I'll start driving!  

Today was more merchandise specific, which was better.  I got to wear my costume for the first time!  It certainly made it easier to get ready this morning.  The first thing we did was some e-learning.  I was sincerely worried I was going to fall asleep I was so tired after an hour and a half of it!  Then they pulled us away to begin our merchandise training.  It was another orientation really, we took tours of all three merchandise stores in the hotels and learned all the rooms attached to it and behind it.  I'm really nervous about having to work in all 3 stores because of the differences in the 3 resorts.  It will definitely take some getting used to all of the differences so I don't lead the guests in the wrong direction!! 

After today I decided that I was put in a resort because of my Disney World knowledge.  This way I can help the guests with the questions they have about the park when they get home.  I met a couple of managers and they seemed super nice.  Also, my trainers said the managers are really nice and will never humiliate us in the store, they try to help us out by joking around.  That's definitely more of what I'm used to!  I made more friends today!! 

One of the last things we did today was receive our lanyards and pins!  The trainer told us to watch out for the pin traders who are out to make money on it.  Apparently there are people out there who see the pins as a money making scheme, which makes me sad.  I can't wait to make that magical moment for a guest, and maybe with a pin!  I am really excited about this journey I get to take and I can't wait to see what the next 4 months has in store for me! 

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