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Monday, January 16, 2012

Checking In!

Today has been absolutely crazy!  It started at 7 am, but it wasn't very hard to get up this morning considering I was headed to Disney.  We left my grandma's condo right on schedule, only to be stopped by a stopped train.  After going around that obstacle we made it to check in at Vista Way Apartments right outside of Disney World.  I hopped in line with my roommate and our suite mates were not far behind.  It was a little chilly, but the banana man provided us with bananas! 

Since so many people arrived early we were allowed to start checking in early.  We proceeded to the check in building where we received our College Program Guides, aka our best friend, and our room assignment.  When we were getting our room assignment I was chosen to be the "leader" and the other 3 got to hang out with "the cool people."  I walked up to the counter and began talking to the lady about anything and everything while she was doing some paperwork.  Then she asked the big question, "Where do you want to stay?"  I knew exactly what we all had discusses, a two bedroom in Patterson Apartments.  There were none left!! I was freaking out, I didn't know what to do.  So I looked back at them and asked if they wanted a 3 bedroom in Patterson.  The lady told me they had a two bedroom in Chatham Square.  We all decided that would be a good pick!  After getting our room and car decals we were on our way to the Walt Disney World Casting Center!!!!

I almost cried when I realized where we were headed next.  This is the place EVERY cast member goes through when they first become a cast member.  The bus ride there was SUPER fun with Cameron! He was hilarious and had us all sing Happy Birthday to my roommate.  Then we arrived!  It looked as magical as Cinderella's Castle inside and out.  As soon as we walked in we learned where we would be working for the next four months.  I was blessed with working in All Star Sport Resort in Merchandise.  I have to admit that I wasn't excited at first, but I have come up with tons of advantages to working there!!

1. Pretty normal hours, the stores won't stay open until midnight!
2. I'll see the same guests pretty regularly and be able to make relationships with them.
3. I won't get sick of the parks.
4. It will be really easy to drive to.
5. I won't have to learn how to deal with crowd control.
6. It will be pretty slow compared to the park merchandise stores.
7. I'll get to work with pins and trade pins!

That's a pretty strong list.  No reason to be upset there!  After the exciting part came all of the lines and paperwork.  There were so many lines and "stations" for us to go through, like background check, direct deposit for paycheck, I-9 documents, Disney Look, and so on and so on.  Then we got back on the bus with Cameron and went back to Vista Way.  I met up with my mom and dad, then we had lunch and headed to Chatham Square!

At Chatham we found out that my apartment is on the THIRD floor.  But its good exercise for me to add to my running routine.  My parents were awesome and helped me move in.  Everyone got settled and my bed looks AMAZING!!  My room looks like a princess room, very fitting for Disney.  All of our parents left, and it dawned on us that this is our new home.  So we all went out to Wal Mart after unpacking some.  We discovered there were no bed risers there so we went to a Super Target for a few groceries.  Again, they didn't have bed risers.  Apparently that's a good thing to buy BEFORE you come to Orlando.  Glad mom suggested I get mine earlier this week!  Then we took my roommate to Chic Fil A for the FIRST time in her life.  We decided to get the food to go so we could have our first meal in our new home!

She loved the food and we all laughed until we spit food, or choked on it.  So many great moments!  We have so much in common, but not enough to make us crazy.  I think the next four months hold a lot for the four of us!  And I will be sure to share it all with you right here!! 

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