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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Second day off and first closing shift

On Thursday, two of my roommates and I went to Hollywood Studios!  We walked in and danced with Chip and Dale.  They were a lot of fun and took pictures with us after our short dance session.  Then we saw Goofy and Pluto and took pictures with them.  We wanted to see Minnie Mouse in her cute pink dress, but she had to leave and go to Magic Kingdom.  After all the fun with the characters we went on The Great Movie Ride.  The other two had never been on it and they enjoyed it a lot!  Next, we rode Rockin Rollercoaster, my favorite ride at Disney!  The line was so short we got to ride it twice in an hour!  My roommate loved that one as well!  The Beauty and the Beast show was showing right after we got off the ride so we HAD to go watch it!  I had more fun trying to take good pictures of this than I did watching it this time around.  We walked through some shops on our way back to Hollywood Blvd and made it just in time for the flash mob before the parade! It was a lot of fun dancing on the street together, then we got to see all the pixar characters in the parade.  The last thing in the Studios was Toy Story Mania!  SUPER fun!!!  I finally got to win best in car this time with 139,100 points!  I was sooo excited.

We all went back home after our last ride to pick up our last roommate.  I met my mom in Magic Kingdom before the rest of them got there.  We walked around the shops and got a cookie to split.  The nice gentleman handing out the samples noticed that I was watching him very intently and handed us a sample.  We met everyone else on Main Street USA for the Magic the Memories and You and of courses Wishes!  It was so much fun having everyone together for the show finally.  I am so super glad my mom got to make it out there with us.  We all stood around after the fireworks talking and laughing and having a great time.  After my three roommates left my mom and I walked through the shops and it made me SO glad I don't work in Magic Kingdom.  It would be magical working there everyday, but it was SO busy.  My mom got me some sweats, a tshirt and ADORABLE placemats.  The placemats are Minnie Mouse themed and look FABULOUS on the table.  We both walked back to the Contemporary together and got to talk a lot.  It was really heart breaking to have to finally say goodbye to her.  A lot harder than I thought it would be. 

After my wonderful two days off I had my first real work/closing shift.  I was really terrified walking in because I didn't know anybody and my "Earning my Ears" ribbon fell off!  The shift went well though and I didn't have any major screw ups.  Closing wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I did feel really lost and didn't really feel prepared for it.  Everyone else was just doing their own thing so I walked around and pretended I knew exactly what to do.  It wasn't incredibly busy, but it was busy enough that the time went REALLY fast, which was nice. 

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