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Monday, January 30, 2012

Magical Memories

On Saturday night I had my first shift as floorstock in the sports resort.  I've decided I don't enjoy floorstock becuase it's tiring and there isn't as much interaction with the guests.  However, since it was my first night as floorstock one of my managers, Hilary, pulled me aside to discuss the job.  She explained how to use critical thinking based on the financial reports.  I mentioned the fact that I love numbers and she let me have a look at her reports! I was in heaven! 

Sunday night was my first night in the movies resort and I was so glad to find out I was on a register/ a greeter.  We also had a CP welcome meeting for all of the CP's in merchandise who were working the night shift.  It was with Whitney and Adam who are both CP Alumnae.  Adam talked about how he is always there to help us get where we want to go.  There was so much information that we went over in the meeting that just made me so excited about the fact that I work at Disney, including info about backstage tours.  As I was working as the greeter I came across many language barriers, but most of the time I was able to work with the guest to overcome that obstacle.  My favorite story of the night was this little girl and her mom.  The girl never got out of her stroller and she bought a goofy plush toy.  Her mom was helping her count out the change so she must have been pretty young.  Then her mom said it was time for bed because they have a big surprise in the morning.  I was so excited for it and I didn't even know what the surprise was.  Turns out the surprise was tea with the princesses because she has been cancer free for a year now! It was all I could do not to tear up.  I also helped another family get started with pin trading.  The kids kept coming back into the store all night so excited about finding pins to trade.  It really is magical getting to be a part of these people's vacations! 

Today Courtney and I took our own vacation to Magic Kingdom! We took the monorail from the Polynesian Hotel and "Santa Fe'd" it up in the car by ourselves with the handrails.  When we got to MK we saw the show at the Laugh Floor and they said the joke that we texted in!  Next, we rode Buzz Lightyear's ride and saw Kalyn working!  It was so cool to see her at work!  Courtney total skunked me though.  Since we were in Tomorrowland we HAD to ride Space Mountain.  Out of the six of us in our car 2 had a birthday!  We got some cookie sundaes from the Storybook Treats shop, DELICIOUS and rode the carousel side saddle.  We rode Its a Small World and half of the Haunted Mansion.  Halfway through HM the ride shut down and the work lights came on.  Then the cast members came through and evacuated everyone so we got to walk through the ride with all of the lights on! It was the coolest experience ever! They were nice enough to give everyone a fastpass for any MK attraction and it didn't expire for 24 hours.  We decided the Jungle Cruise was a must and our tour guide was hilarious.  On our way out we stopped by to see some characters!

We used our fastpasses to see the princesses, Aurora, Belle, and Cinderella.  We took pictures with the first two and stopped to talk to Cinderella for a while.  Cinderella was asking where we work and told Courtney to watch out for Stitch because he made a mess of the castle the other night.  He's a master of disaster and put toilet paper all over it!  She was so nice and asked if we had any princes.  Courtney said she didn't and Cinderella said maybe she'll find one down here, but she needs to be careful with her glass slippers.  After that wonderful time we saw Mickey and Minnie!!!!!!  Minnie mouse loved Courtney's TOMS and commented on them immediately.  They all took a picture then the four of us took a picture.  Mickey then went to kiss my hand and Minnie got upset, so Mickey gave her a kiss too.  The Cast member pointed out my necklace and I had to confess it was Minnie mouse because she's my favorite.  Minnie got so excited and was so glad I said that.  Those two made the perfect ending to our magical trip to MK today.

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