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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Catching Up

Yikes! It has been so long since I've written, there is certainly a lot to  catch up on!  Since my last post I've completed my training, been working in the gift shop for two days, been to Magic Kingdom, and went to Downtown Disney! 

On Tuesday, January 24, I completed my assessment!  I am officially qualified to work in merchandise in Walt Disney World.  The assessment wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I passed with a 92%.  On Monday and Tuesday I actually worked in the gift shop in the All Star Music resort!  It was very stressful because I was so nervous, but Tuesday was much easier than Monday!  Tuesday morning I had my first magical moment with a guest!  She was probably 3 years old and she asked why I had a princess Tiana pin.  Come to find out, that is her favorite princess.  So after talking with her a little bit I asked if she would like to have the pin.  She had a huge smile on her face as she took the pin and walked out of the store.  It's the moments like that that I was most look forward to, and they are just as rewarding as I imagined they would be.  So many guests come through, but each one has a different story if you stop to listen.  Disney World is such a magical place, I still can't believe I'm on the cast members who gets to create that magic.

Wednesday my roommate and I went to Downtown Disney!  She has never been, so we took our time and just looked around.  It was so hard not to buy EVERYTHING, especially with our discount!  She did purchase her first pair of ears though!  That was really exciting!  Then we ate at the Rainforest Cafe and enjoyed our discount there as well.  After dinner we strolled over to Goofy's Candy Shop and got a cookie for dessert!  We decided it would be fun to go see Wishes and ride the Haunted Mansion because she's never been on it! 

We arrived at Magic Kingdom with an hour until  Wishes.  After some pictures we ran straight to the Haunted Mansion.  We walked through the new interactive queue which I have never been through before, and it is a lot scarier than the ride itself!  The man who was running the ride finally opened the door without a smile on his face.  I made my roommate lock arms with me and it freaked her out.  She kept asking what was going to happen.  I reassured her it wasn't that bad and nothing was going to pop out at her.  We all walked into the enclosed room next where the walls grow.  The lights went out then flickered, and right when they came back on the Cast Member (who is a CP) was standing RIGHT in front of us with that creepy look again!  I screamed SO loud!! We laughed it off and got on the ride, she LOVED it!

We had plenty of time so we walked over to the castle to get ready for The Magic, The Memories, and You show, followed by the fireworks.  We both cried throughout all of it.  It never ceases to amaze me how Disney can create so much magic for so many people around the world!  We walked into the emporium on the way out and I got an oversized Minnie Mouse and she got a Dumbo.  Instead of going straight to wait in line, she taught me how to climb the wall so we could take a picture with our ears!  

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